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      CommentAuthorAlan A
    • CommentTimeOct 29th 2010
    Hi again Bryan,

    I am starting to think that you have disappeared...but I will try again anyway...

    You once added some code to my header.php that put a link to our Amazon store in the nav bar. The code went something like this...

    <li><a href="">Amazon Store</a></li>

    Anyway, I added another outbound link to the nav bar & got to thinking...shouldn't these links be no followed? Is there some reason that you didn't no follow the Amazon link?

    Thanks! Hope to hear back from you!
    • CommentTimeDec 20th 2010
    You can certainly nofollow those links, but Amazon is rather authoritative so there isn't any reason to nofollow. Nofollow is usually reserved for comments or similar where you can edit each one by hand all the time.