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    • CommentTimeJan 6th 2010

    I use the Clean Home Pro Theme for my blog. The blogs titel is my last name, Hilarius (it's true my surname is Hilarius). In this theme the blogs titel is a H1 and that isn't that god seen from an SEO pespective. A page should just have one H1 and the titel for the posts are also H1.

    I would like to change my blog titel to a H2 or H3 and keep it looking like today. I can change it to a H2 in the php-file but I need to make the changes in the CSS. The problem is that I can't see the CSS for the H1, H2 etc for this theme in tge editor in WordPress.

    Does anyone know how I can fix this?

    Best regards

    • CommentTimeJan 9th 2010
    I doubt there are any realistic repercussions regarding multiple H1 tags (especially if there are only two). However, if you insist, look in the styles folder for the style you are using (EG: smoother.left.sidebar) and change #logo h2 to h3. Now change the h1 and h2 to h2 and h3 in the header.php. Should be set!